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Grade 3 Motion and Force (Tri 3)

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Vocabulary: (Underlined words are links to activities, movies, or definitions.)


1. motion - A change in position.

2. force - A push or a pull, such as the one that moves a lever.

3. distance - The length between two places.

4. speed - How fast an object moves over a certain distance.

5. gravity - A pulling force between two objects, such as Earth and you.

6. work - The force that changes the motion of an object.

7. friction - A force that occurs when one object rubs against another.

8. push -

9. pull -

10. weight - The measure of the pull of gravity between an object and Earth.

11. mass - The amount of matter in an object.

12. lever - A straight bar that moves on a fixed point.

13. magnets - A device that attracts iron and steel and produces a magnetic field.

14. positive -

15. negative -

16 pulley - A simple machine that uses a wheel and a rope.

17. wheel and axle - A wheel that turns on a post.

18. screw - An inclined plane wrapped into a spiral.

19. wedge - Two inclined planes placed back-to-back.

20. inclined plane - A flat surface that is raised at one end.

Helpful links:


1. Simple Machines

2. Gravity

3. Tools and Machines

4. How to Explain Gravity to a Child

5. Brainpop on Simple Machines

6. Gravity for Kids

7. Simple Machines EdHeads

8. Gravity, Stretching and Compression

9. Gravity Matching Game 

10. Magnetism Game


Games for Motion Practice


* Parkworld Plot - Simulation game and learn about force.

1. Forces and Movement

2. Pushes and Pulls

3. Pushes and Pulls, Big and Small

4. Soccer Ball


More Fun:


Stuck on the Tracks

Roller Coaster Builder - Gravity Game

Gravity Launch - Gravity Game

Invention at Play

Break it Down - Simple Machines Game

Cuckoo's Clockworks - Simple Machine Games and Exploration


Force Me To Rap

Force and Motion

Forces and Motion: Newton's Law of Inertia

Wacky Scientists Gravity




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